Cookie’s Cookies

I joined 2 sock clubs, where you get the yarn and a pattern every other month.  There was a problem with my order, and although they were suppose to ship together, they will now arrive separately, and late.  I am hoping that the first one comes today.

One of the clubs is by CookieA, and you receive a cookie recipe along with sock patterns.  She includes a difficult and easier pattern in each club (thank you), and a cookie recipe.  This month, even though I do not have the yarn, the patterns were sent electronically, and there were 3 sock patterns (2 variations of one), and 2 cookie recipes.  To lessen my disappointment in watching people around the world get their yarn, I cast on a pair of socks from the CookieA club using Malabrigo sock yarn.  I have finished the first sock, and am 1/2 way through the second.  I made the size large, but this pattern is very stretchy with the lacework, and I could have made a size medium.  The pattern name is Ripple Leaf Socks, each sock is a mirror image of the other.  Very soft and very bright.  I am having a difficult time photographing these, the color seems to have too much sheen.  I need grass and warm weather to get proper knitting photographs.

And last Friday I made a batch of cookies.  There were 2 recipes, and I made the white chocolate & macadamia nut ones.  Delicious!