More Fiber?!

Behold the hand dyed fiber that I received on Saturday from Fiber Optics.  I had recently spun the purple and green rovings from this company that I purchased last Fall.  This is the first of a 3 month “fiber club” that I am trying.  I think that I might do this with a couple of different vendors as I continue to explore my spinning experiences.

This is a pencil roving, 50% superwash merino, and 50% bamboo.  I have not yet spun from a pencil roving, so a bit of a learning curve will be coming.  My photo does not do proper justice to the blue and blue-green colors of this roving, the color is called Jing Tai (Chinese theme).  It will also be my first attempt with Bamboo.

Next, is a roving of 85% BFL and 15% silk.  Color:  Jade

This has been a tough week, so I am reserving these until my mind is settled.  Right now I am spinning a big bag of Cormo and silk, natural color, that I purchased last Fall at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival.  I bought it the day that I took my first spinning lesson, on my newly acquired wheel.  I couldn’t resist it, and kept petting it every time that I walked past.  I went back and told my teacher how much I loved the feel of it, and she encouraged me, saying that if you like something, it will be more fun to spin.