I awoke this morning to my brother calling me and telling me about the earthquake in Japan.  My college age son is working for 6 months in Tokyo.   I had 2 fretful minutes of stress as I tried to find the portable phone and get online.  My son knows me well, and sent email updates all night (day for them) long.  He lives about 15 miles from Tokyo center, and was at work when the earthquake hit.  He is home safely, already had gotten some food for his dorm room, and still had electricity and internet.  He called me this morning and we talked for a bit.  Very scary to see the photos from Japan.

Knitting has kept me sane all morning as I have not been able to focus on work, and I finished weaving in the ends of my Japanese Feather and Fan shawl.  How prophetic is that?!  Off to block it while listening to Obama address this tragedy.

My thoughts and prayers to all the people affected by this tragedy.