Staying focused

I am having a difficult time focusing on much of anything these days as the disaster in Japan continues to unfold.  My son is safe after the initial earthquake; in his room, rolling blackouts, train service intermittent, and food supplies dwindling.  Nothing like the people in the Tsunami area are facing, but as a parent distressing anyways.  Now there is a very real threat of a full nuclear meltdown.  It seems that keeping him there for the moment might be the safest option.  We are not sure if and when his research will continue.  It is just hard to sit in limbo with little information.  He has friends in Tokyo, but not where he lives.

This is the shawl that I finished the day before the earthquake, and blocked it while waiting for more news.  It is the Japanese Feather and Fan shawl (insert irony here) by IzzyKnits.  I really love the pattern, and how it drapes and the swirling lines of the lacework.

Project Specs
Pattern: Feather and Fan Shawl
Pattern Source: Free pattern on Ravelry from IzzyKnits
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn; Color 308, Huron
Needles: US 4 circular
Date Started: 3/4/11
Date Finished: 3/11/11
Finished Dimensions: 40″ wingspan

I need a better photograph of the finished project.  My daughter was suppose to model for me this weekend, but we were all busy (took 3 adults sorely out of practice), taking care of my 11 month old niece.  Here she is wearing some baby socks that I made for her.  She was just about the easiest baby to watch that you could have.  You just needed to be right on her tail, as our house has long been non baby proof.  She was a great distraction, and kept my mind occupied as all of the tragedies in Japan continue to unfold.  My brother has offered to leave her here to keep me busy.