Moving along

First off, big news to all of my friends and family:  I finally traded my old phone in.  Actually, it would not hold a charge anymore, and when you pushed a button (that is if you could read it) often the number was recorded numerous times.  My friend Theresa, knowing my fondness for my old hefty, trustworthy phone, gave me a pile of similar ones from her family.  But, I actually opted to purchase one that has a few features, and I can text on.

Goodbye old phone:

And on another bit of technology of which I am late to the party, I have officially put something other than my name on Facebook.  In truth, I had only signed up last year to spy on a knitting scam artist, but that is another story.  While Ethan was in Japan, I used Facebook to get ahold of a neighbor who is living in southern Japan, find one of my son’s friends, and find a long-lost college friend that we have been wondering about for years.  So, I guess it does have it’s purposes.  I don’t really need the social media aspect, as I spend enough time on Ravelry.

I finished my first Dawnsinger sock for the Janel Laidman sock club, working on the second.  This is an unblocked photo.  I changed 2 things.  There was a ribbed heel on an even number of stitches, which meant that the 2 sides did not look the same when you picked up the gusset stitches, so in the first row, I decreased one stitch, and made the ends match by starting and stopping with a knit stitch.  The same issue came up with the top of the foot which is ribbed, and again I decreased one stitch before starting that.  It worked just fine, as the sock was large to accommodate all of the Fair Isle.  That was why she had used the ribbing in the first place, to pull in the foot and snug it up.

And for mindless knitting, I have been working on my Eiki shawl, also by Janel Laidman.  This is just a lot of garter stitch at the beginning.  I added one additional repeat to the pattern, as I thought it might be smaller than my taste.  I am not really a fan of the “shawlette”, I don’t see it’s use, and I really like something that I can wrap around my neck, and can actually cover my shoulders on a brisk night.