Finally got these blocked and photographed.  They are very soft and colorful.  This is my first time using Shibui Knits sock yarn, and I liked it.  I love the bright solid colors also.

Changes to the pattern were minimal.  I reversed the image on the second sock so the birds are either looking at each other, or away from each other when you are wearing them.  I also decreased the ribbing on the heel and the top of the foot by 1 stitch on each to have an odd number of stitches.  That way they again look symmetrical.  Especially on the ribbing for the heel, it looked wonky when you were picking up with purl stitches next to the instep on one side, and knit on the other.  I also added a few extra rows to the top ribbing, which I was regretting as I was finishing up the second sock, and getting nervous about having enough yarn.  Janel would have sent me more, but it would have put the project in a bag on hold, which is always a dangerous scenario.  I did try Janel’s slip-knot cast on, and I don’t think that I will use it again.  I found it very slow and cumbersome and would have preferred a tubular cast-on in this place.

Project Specs
Pattern: Dawnsinger
Pattern Source: Illuminations Sock Club February 2011, Janel Laidman
Yarn: Shibui Knits sock yarn, colors: 9754 and 9748
Needles: US 1 dpn’s
Date Started: 3/8/11
Date Finished: 4/8/11

Finished Size: Women’s large