Socks for Dan 

I received this yarn from my first installment of the CookieA sock club.  It is String Theory sock yarn.

I wasn’t wowed by the colors, but set about knitting up the pattern included.  The yarn is incredibly soft, and I love the subtle color changes.  This is a mix of greens and browns (although some of the photos of others from the sock club have a more blue-green hue to them).   While I was working on the first sock, before I had determined the calf length, my husband commented to me on what beautiful colors those were.  Now mind you, he is extremely supportive of my fiber addiction, goes to yarn shops and festivals with me, and encourages me in all my knitting and spinning pursuits, but he usually gives no comment about colors or yarns.  So, problem of my not loving the color solved!  I asked him if he would wear the socks with the cable panel down the front, and he enthusiastically answered yes.  So, I extended the calf length a bit and made the Haleakala without the traveling rib.  The yarn is knitting up incredibly soft, most likely due to the cashmere content.  There are occasional small slubs on the yarn, but they are easily pulled off.  I am almost finished with the second sock on which I reversed the center cable here to the back, not noticeable by most.  I am waiting for the next club shipment to arrive (I have already peaked at the spoilers, and am very excited about those socks), and should have these complete in time.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Manning surprised me at SnB on Monday with this beautiful roving, aptly called “Lady of the Lake” that she got while at a sheep farm in Wisconsin.  I can’t remember the sheep breed, help Manning?  Love the colors, and I will get back to spinning shortly.