Spinning Art

Spinning Art Yarns that is.  I just returned from a weekend spinning retreat with Jacey Boggs.  She is known for spinning art yarns, and that is what this retreat was about.  Manning had asked me why I would want to take this class, since the yarns are really nothing that I use in my own knitting.  My response to her was that I am trying to master spinning, and this would improve my skill set.  It did.  Jacey is a very good technical teacher.  At first I was a bit intimidated by the other attendees knowledge, spinning vocabulary, and past works.  But, I persevered.  I am a fabulous knitter (self-proclaimed of course), and thought that I should be able to get this skill honed also.  I was right, and impressed my self with what I was able to accomplish with a few short hours of instruction.  While at times it was frustrating for me, I have a successful section of every type of yarn we practiced spinning.

Here are some photos fresh from the retreat.  It was a very lively group, with some memorable personalities.

The group, and many of my new friends on Ravelry:

And Jacey teaching.  She is very patient, and explains how to accomplish each technique very well:

And from this roving:

I made this and this:

My yarns have all had a hot bath, and are hanging to dry.  I will post and explain more about the techniques tomorrow.

Still on the bobbin: