“Wool” snob 

It is amazing how quickly one can become a snob.  I am a self-professed food snob, architecture snob, knitting snob, wine snob and now a fiber snob.  Prior to learning how to spin, if something said that it was 100% wool and felt good to me, that was sufficient.  And I did appreciate the occasional Merino yarn.  Now, I am learning and spinning with all different kinds of fibers and breeds of sheep.  Just saying “wool” is not good enough any more.  What is the sheep breed, how is the fiber prepared, how is it dyed, and on and on.

I recently purchased a grab bag of wool from a Ravelry friend (and someone from my recent spinning retreat).  I got 4 amazing packages of roving and top to spin, and this was in the group:

It is pencil roving (says top from Louet Northern lights, 100% wool, and aptly called “Cotton Candy”.  There were 8 oz of this, so I started spinning, and it is going very well on my new Joy.  I have enough fiber that I am going to do a 3-ply yarn for the first time.  I really love how the variegated yarns show in a 3-ply, and people have told me that it is a nicer yarn to knit with, as it is a round yarn, something you apparently don’t get with a 2-ply.  Kind of makes sense to me.  This got me to thinking, what IS the “wool” in this fiber, what sheep, what combinations, etc.  It is not extremely soft, so not Merino, the staple length is about 4″, maybe Shetland.   I do not know enough about the properties of different wool yet to figure it out.

Here is my first bobbin of spun singles:

And working on the second:

Not bad for a couple of days work.  I am getting quicker and better.