No Deadbud any more

Over 10 years ago, we planted a Redbud in our front yard.  I love the beautiful pink flowers that run the length of each branch in the spring.  I was so excited the next year, waiting to see all of those gorgeous blossoms.  Only leaves the first year, a couple of buds the second (and by that I literally mean 2 or 3 clusters).  By the 4th year I was very frustrated, called arborists and tree clinics. My husband joked that they thought we said “deadbud” not Redbud when we bought the tree, and we not-so-affectionately called it the Deadbud tree.  I was told that the tree probably had some fungus known to the Redbud, break off a branch and you will see dark circles inside. Nope.  Finally, I think that I got the correct answer.  The tree was planted in an area where the stump of a huge cottonwood tree had been.  We had removed the stump (the tree’s demise predated our arrival), and waited a couple of years before planting a tree. Mushrooms would pop up in the area every spring.  I do believe the correct call was that the acidity of the soil was preventing the tree from blooming.  Mushrooms have faded away, and each year there were a few more blossoms.  This year, it was finally the whole tree in bloom.  I was elated.

And I finally finished the first of my PB&J socks.  The pattern was tedious, but I finally got in the groove, and I think that the second sock will go much better. I ended up making the size Small, which is crazy since I wear a 9 1/2 shoe.  The test knitter had to be one of the tightest knitters around.  I could have gone down to size 0 needles, but I did not really want to do that, and I still would have made only the size Medium.  I think that this pattern would be difficult to execute for a tiny foot.  I love the way it turned out, except for the K2tog every 6th row.  It has a lumpy jog that I am not happy with.  The mirror SSK decrease is quite smooth.   The yarn has Outlast in it, a phase change material which is supposed to help both cooling and warming your foot.  But it is 90 degrees today, so I don’t think even that would help me to want a pair of socks on my feet. On to the mate: