What Next?

I finished the “Cotton Candy” wool and am plying it up as a 3-ply.  So, I still need something to spin, the great thing about 2 wheels, is that I can spin on my Joy, while plying on the Traveler (with the jumbo bobbin).  I have several fibers that I received in my grab bag from Kathryn, a new friend from my spinning weekend retreat.  I am saving my Fiber Optics rovings until I feel my spinning is a bit better.  Here were my choices.

Purchased from Kathryn that she dyed, known as ccsmile2006 on etsy.  4 oz. Polwarth combed top, color:  Teal’s 25th Anniversary:

and from Woolgatherings a 4 oz Polwarth Wool top.  No colorway listed:

Knitty and Color Haindpaint, 4 oz. Superwash Merino, color:  Bloodlust

Some fiber that was gifted with the purchase of my Joy.  I do not know what it is, but the white is definitely Angora:

Another unknown gifted fiber.  Very soft!

and my choice to start with was 4oz. Targhee, I think that the color is “Harvest”.  It also says on the tag A Man Called Pan.  I don’t really know what that means, or who dyed this.  I have split the braid in half for 2 bobbins, then each half into 4ths to have shorter color repeats: