Spinning and Knitting

Still working on my second PB&J sock from the CookieA sock club.  The pattern has 2 different columns of twisted rib stitches that travel down the leg and cross over each other.  One side, the Jelly side I assume, with squiggles, looks the same on both socks.  The angled traveling stitch pattern, the peanut butter, looks very different form one sock to the other.  I started with the left sock first (got all my papers mixed up).  And am now on the right sock, which most people started with first.  I understand the desire to mirror image these socks, but it just does not work with the angled pattern.  There is a very different effect with the twisted stitch traveling to the right versus the left.

The sock on the right was my first sock (the left foot according to the pattern), and I am working on the opposite foot (left in the photo below).  The curvy pattern looks fine from both, but the angled pattern is very different.  I showed it to my knitting group last night, and the comment was that they do not even look like the same stitch.  I prefer the left hand photo, others liked the right.  Hard to tell from the photos in the pattern if the test knitter had the same issues.  Clearly much more stitch definition in the sock on the left.

On the spinning front, I finished plying and washing my 3ply Louet yarn.  I am not real pleased with the pastel colors, they got very washed out and muted.  I got 400 yards of a 3 ply out of 8 oz. of pencil roving.