If it doesn’t look right… 

If it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.  That is what I am always telling my drafting students when they are working on a drawing.  So, I should listen to my own advice.

This triangular looking thing is supposed to be the Japanese Feather and Fan Shawl.  I kept thinking, oh this will block out correctly.  I should have known better, as I had made this shawl previously.  Remember this?

I had a major brain fart in the second knitting of this pattern.  Then I put it away, and worked on it during our recent car trip.  At least it kept me busy.  And, of course I did not figure out my issues until I had woven in all of the ends, washed and tried to block the shawl.  Now it is waiting to dry, and I will try to frog it back.  I am thinking this yarn would be better as socks.  I still want to make this for me one day.  Not sure with what yarn though.