Norwegian Knitting Designs 

“Now back in print, after decades, Norwegian Knitting Designs holds a wealth of traditional Norwegian knitting charts.  Author Annichen Sibbern Bøhn travelled the Norwegian countryside, collected folk patterns that early 20th century modernization was quickly leaving behind, and in 1929, published them in a slim yet vibrant volume that nearly single-handedly saved this tradition from the ragpile of history.  Norwegian Knitting Designs provides a rich library of charted patterns for knitters, needleworkers, and craftspeople of all kinds.”

I am a sucker for Norwegian knitting design and pattern books, so had to order this from Terri Shea (author of Selvobutter Mittens) when she recently republished a long out-of-print book.  It has great charts and samples of knitted wear.  This book however, has no instructions per say, and it is not for the new knitter unless you plan on working in this venue.  And at $19.95 for 79 pages of a petite book, the price is a bit steep.  If you, like me, want to have on hand lots of Norwegian inspiration, then by all means order the book.  I just don’t think that it is a book for most of the knitters that I know.

You can order here directly from Terri, and see some sample pages here.  If you like this book, and do not already own it, you must definitely get the Selvobutter book at the same time.