My Civic Duty 

I spent yesterday sitting in the Jury Pool room downtown.  My group got called up to a courtroom once, but never even saw the Judge or lawyers.  I spent most of my day knitting and reading (in uncomfortable chairs).  I started this shawl, a free pattern from the blog  I originally saw it on Ravelry in a forum.  While she suggests using a solid or semi-solid color yarn, I on the other hand, thought it would be perfect for this highly variegated yarn.

I also finished my book club book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.  Pretty good book, and an easy read.  The story is a love story between a Chinese-American boy, and a Japanese-American girl during the Japanese internment.  While I have some issues with a couple of the characters in the writing, and some of the believability of the “coincidences”, I enjoyed reading this, and would probably recommend it to others.