Carless in Chicago

I am ending week 2 of my summer without a car.  We decided to give my son our car to take to college for the summer, as he needs to come home to check in with work periodically, and it was definitely cheaper than buying him a used one.  His campus is really sleepy during the summer, and this allows him to find a frisbee team to play with.  My summer school class was cancelled, and I work from home.  We thought that this would be pretty easy, and a challenge to see how we can live without a car for a few weeks.  My husband takes the train to work, and can go to the Farmer’s Market in the city twice a week, and we rode our bikes to the local market last weekend.  I can walk to the pet store, my knitting night, and supplies for the house.  What has proven to be the most difficult are getting to a free ATM, going to the gym (I will use my Groupon for the local yoga studio next month instead) securing wine (no location within walking distance), and the organic veggies that are not in season yet at the Farmer’s Market.  I will admit to cheating a bit, as we will stock up on the occasional weekend that he is home.

Not having a car has also meant that when I am bored, I cannot hop into the car and go out on errands or shopping.  So, more knitting and spinning opportunities.  I will admit that I have less face time with people, which has it’s good and bad points.  When I am feeling a bit squirrely here, I take Lloyd out for a walk, so we are both benefitting.

I am almost finished with the Roxanne shawl.  I will reserve my judgement on this until it is blocked.  The instructions are not the best at the moment, but it was a mystery KAL where the designer was trying out a new pattern.  Other mystery KAL’s that I have tried have been much more organized and clearer though.  I have to bind off, the instructions for that part were really confusing.  I think that I figured it out after letting it mull around in my mind for a couple of days.

I caved when I was purchasing my pressure canner from Amazon, and bought the book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding.  It was just too funny, not sure that I will knit from it, but it was not too expensive.  And here is the funniest video using all of these handknit dolls.

The photos are so cute, I don’t know how she captured the personalities so well:

Try as I might though, I could not get Camilla to come in clearly.

And here is my current spinning.  I need to get this plyed, as I am off to spinning classes all weekend at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival.