Yarn Pride 

I am so proud of this yarn.  I finally feel worthy of spinning up some of my better fibers.  This was a destash from a fellow Raveler, 4.2 oz of Polwarth from Woolgatherings, no colorway listed on the sleeve:

I split the roving lengthwise 8 times to get a better drafting fiber:

So, when it was plied, the colors are very blended.  I love how it came out.  And 554 yards!!!  Let me repeat that, 554 yards.  Enough to make a shawl for myself.  I love the colors.  There is only one section where I have a blip of larger spun singles.  I chose to just leave it in, as I think that it will even out in the knitting, and give it that handspun look.

It is also a well-balanced yarn.

Now for a great pattern that uses that yardage…