I still do Knit

I have been posting so much about spinning lately that one would think that I only make the yarn now.  I do still knit, it has just taken a back seat lately.  My current, and almost finished project are the Orange Pekoe socks, another sock club purchase in the CookieA sock and cookie club.  The yarn is another that I had not tried before, Hazel Knits yarn.  I am liking this yarn, and the soft orange color, almost like an orange creamscicle (one of my favorite childhood frozen treats).  This is the harder of the 2 patterns this month, but I find it progressing much more quickly, and it is more fun for me to knit.  Sometimes when a pattern is too simple, I loose my motivation.  I need to catch up on my photographing, but doesn’t the yarn match the Butterfly Weed beautifully?

On a different note, I am loving this new outdoor light that we bought over the weekend.