Hanne again 

This is the start of my 3rd Hanne Falkenberg project.  This is the Pirouette, a cape project that alternates between stripes and solid knitting.  As usual with her kits, it is a LOT of garter stitch knitting.  Don’t expect to see a quick knit out of this one.  One week of knitting and I barely finished the first sleeve, and that was on vacation.  The kits come in many colors, my colorway does not have a photo to show for it.    This is the sample shown:

I am also working on plying the last of my yarns from the Tour de Fleece.  I have the Mad Monet by Fiber Optic, and Mediterranean by Expertly Dyed.  I think that they are looking good together.  I still do not have great confidence in predicting what the yarns will look like spun and plyed up.

together they remind me of Water Lilies by Monet: