I finished spinning up the last of my Fiber Optic Mad Monet, then had major angst about how to ply it.  I did not want it to muddy on itself, and wished to extend the yardage as far as possible.  I tried 2 ply with some beautiful Merino roving that I have been spinning up:

I was less than happy with that as the teal color seemed to overtake the Monet.  So I added a third ply of Monet to the mix:

Still not right, so I bit the bullet and plyed it onto itself.  I would have been really upset if this had muddied out, but am nothing but excited about the outcome.


Isn’t it beautiful!  I hope that it knits up as nicely.  I am now on the hunt for the perfect pattern, although I already have ideas in mind.  Here is the larger 2 ply skein (416 yards) next to the small experimental 3 ply (2 plys of Mad Monet with one ply of Mediterranean Merino).  I will save the smaller skein for Fair Isle mittens.