More spinning 

I started spinning some of the roving that I got from the Fiber Optic club last Winter.  The color is Jade, 85% BFL, 15% silk.

I am not sure why, but I have great difficulty with this blend.  I need to get enough twist into it, or it drifts apart.  It requires much concentration from me.

I am thinking of plying this with a yellow pencil roving that I have.  My confidence on mixing colors is still not all together there.  Any comments?

My spinning wheel, the Ashford Traditional, is about to get an upgrade.  I purchased a double treadle kit.  Spinning on the Joy made me realize how much easier a double treadle is (think pedaling a bike with one pedal versus two).  I have found myself spinning almost exclusively on the Joy, and using the large bobbins on the Traditional for plying.  This will have to wait another week or two, as I have had guests in town, and plans for this weekend.

Currently plying the Merino from  Expertly Dyed, this spun up very nice, and is plying well also.  I am tempted to order more of this to make a larger shawl.

And, yesterday I had a bunch of strawberries that I needed to use up, so I ended up making some amazing strawberry ice cream.  This reminds me of my sister Janice, she was always the one who loved strawberry and I loved the chocolate ice cream.  This is so yummy that it could just change my opinion.