My niece might just be the best person that I have ever knit things for.  First, there are the great drawings that I have received, and have taped on my refrigerator.  But then there is this:

The pink and purple outfits are from last Fall, and the wedding dress and yellow turtle neck I sent with my husband when he went to visit them last weekend.

These are all from some vintage booklets that were given in a large stash of patterns, notions and yarn to our knitting group.   I had to adjust the pattern a bit to fit the “new” Barbie figures.  They reduced her ample chest, and made her thinner, a bit anorexic looking if you ask me.  I think that people put too much emphasis on how her figure influences girl’s self-esteem.  I never thought I wanted to look like Barbie, would have trouble standing with those long legs and tiny feet.

More of Barbie wearing them here:

Now, I will have to decide what to make next.  How could I ever resist that smile?