The Help 

The book, the movie, and how I lost my Help.

My book club had this as the selection for this month to coincide with the release of the movie.  I actually saw the movie about a month ago when I had friends in town and it had just been released.  Then, I finished the book this week, actually a few minutes before seeing the movie a second time.  Usually I like to read a book prior to seeing a movie, as the book is always so much better and detailed than a movie ever could be.  This was surprising, as I loved the movie and the book, and felt that each did some parts better.  The actresses in this movie, many relative unknown ones, were perfectly cast.  My only complaint would be that Skeeter should have been played by someone tall, as that seemed to be such a huge part of her personality in the book.   I actually liked how they portrayed the relationship between Skeeter and Stuart in the movie better.  And Hilly was such a great villainous character.  But, the most enduring character in my view was Celia, an uneducated white woman in the south who knew no racial boundaries.  If you can’t read the book, the movie is a must.   The male characters are really minor parts, but even a man would get a lot out of this movie.  It is not a chick flick, but a discussion on race relations, and what makes one person superior to another (usually justified in their own head only).

It was ironic that on the day I finished the book and saw the movie for the second time, my cleaning lady of 1 year quit on me.  Apparently my insistence on natural cleaning supplies, recycling and no paper products was too much for her.  I had never had help cleaning the house before, while it was good I just might use this money to purchase that lovely Jensen wheel that I want.  A few months of cleaning by myself, and I could get that wheel.   Now to convince my husband of that logic.  I bet you were wondering how I was going to turn this review into knitting and spinning…