Spinning Addiction

I finished spinning the second 4 oz braid of Peacock Batik dyed Merino superwash from Fiber Optic.  I got it plyed up the night before I was to leave town.  And now, I have started knitting with it.  I love how the colors have evolved and blended together.  I still do not have an exact sense of what the final product will end up looking like.

I love the colors, but am still not pleased with the thickness of my singles.  I thought I was doing really well until I plyed the singles together.   Still lots of thicker areas, but my overall consistency is getting better, and my yardage is improving.

I got 440 yards on the first braid, and 450 yards on the second braid.

Is a spinning addiction an affliction?  I find myself twitching and wanting to sit and spin when I am away from my wheel for more than a day.  It is so meditative for me.  I will just have to settle for knitting for a few days.  I am starting to understand the appeal of a drop spindle.