SF here I am… 

I am in San Francisco visiting my sister.   Another sister, a brother and my sister-in-law are arriving tonight.  We are all here to support Jill and help as she models in the breast cancer fashion show on Saturday.  Here she is cooking up a storm for us tonight.

I have been working on my first real project using my handspun.  This is Peacock, a beautiful blue-purple “faux batik” on superwash Merino by Fiber Optic.  I chose to knit up the Spring Thaw shawl by Cheri McEwen.  While my spinning is not as fine as I would like in my perfectionist mode, I got 440 and 450 yards out of two 4oz braids.

I finished plying the last of it just before I left for the airport:

Over the last 2 days I have completed 1/2 of the shawl:

We had to hand-wind the last skein that I bought.  I held Jill captive with her arms held out as I wound a ball.  The local store wanted to charge for winding the skein, and they used a battery operated winder which I didn’t trust with my precious handspun.  Loving the color changes in this yarn.