Fractal Spinning

I made my first attempt at Fractal Spinning.  Fractal spinning is used with painted roving where you have long sections of color repeats and do not want to end up with a striped yarn.  I chose this roving from Fiber Optic, it was the April 2011 fiber club selection, color: Carneval.

Here is the braid :

And the unbraided roving where you can see the long repeats of the colors (this was from the dyer, mine had more blue and pink in it as you can see above)

So, I split the roving into 3 equal lengths.  I wanted to make a 3-ply yarn.  Then I spun the first bobbin with one of the 3 sections straight from the braid with the long color repeats.   The second bobbin was spun, using a section split down the middle.  And the last bobbin was spun with the roving spilt into 4 sections.

This shows the 3 bobbins after they were all finished.  The bobbin on the left is the 1st spun, straight from the roving, the middle is the second (split in half), and the right hand bobbin is the roving split into 4 sections lengthwise.  You can clearly see how the color repeats decrease the more the braid is split.

Prior to plying, I rewound each bobbin using my newish LeClerc bobbin winder, then proceeded to make a 3-ply yarn.  While I was plying I was not sure of the colors, but I think that they came out very nicely.

I am fairly happy with how this turned out.  328 yards of 3 ply with 4 oz.  I have one more braid of this to spin up, but first want to see how it knits.  I am thinking a pair of fun, bright mittens.  Here is the cake all ready to go.  Hopefully I will have some knitting done with this by tomorrow.