Stormy Monday 

Well, it is not really stormy, but very dreary.  I finished spinning up this fiber last night.  It is from Fiber Optic and called Stormy Monday Blues.

It is 100% Merino, superwash.  I thought that this would make a great pair of sock, so I spun it as a 3-ply, using fractal spinning again.  I was disappointed in my yardage, getting only 248 yards.  I find the superwash very hard for me to spin finely.  The colors are gorgeous, even though I ended up with a few sections where all 3 colors met for a while.  I think that next time I will split the last section of roving down as small as I can.  I was hoping to make a pair of socks for my husband.  He is the most supportive of my spinning and really gets excited when I show him my newest finished skein.  I guess that I will have to pair this with something else and make him some house socks.

Here it is on my fancy 1900’s era drying rack for the final dry:

And all spun up: