SAL Novemeber 

I participated in an SAL (Spin-A-Long) with a group (Completely Twisted & Arbitrary Spinners) on Ravelry.  Every other month they invite a different Indy dyer to produce some fiber based on a theme with inspiration photos from members.   This was from the end of September, and it was Day of the Dead inspired.  I originally ordered 2 skeins of Polwarth/Silk on a color called Grave Clothes, reds and browns.  The Indy dyer was Two if by Hand.  I was one of the unlucky ones who did not get my ordered filled, as there was not enough fiber on hand for them.  As I waited, I decided to order a skein of Calevera, on 100% Polwarth.  I saw many spun up skeins on Ravelry, and liked how they were turning out.  This is what I received:

The colors do not really match others that I was seeing on Ravelry.  Mine was much bluer, and burgundy instead of a red color in it.  I spun it into a 3 ply.  I split the braid into 3 equal lengths.  The first 1/3rd was broken into 4 sections, the second 8 sections lengthwise, and the third section into 16 fine sections.  So, this was another attempt at Fractal Spinning, using a more variegated roving.

I was okay with it while spinning it up, not really in love.  And plying it, I did not like it at all.  That seems to be a common occurence with me, I am not sure why.

The skein is being washed, here are the pre-wash photos.  My understanding is that the Polwarth will full out considerably.  It is okay, but nothing like the others that I saw on Ravelry.  I think that they really have some issues with quality control and consistency.  There are 2 different dyers who dye on alternate days, I suspect that the results vary widely.

While waiting and waiting for my original 2 rovings, I spun this up.  No updates from the vendor unless I asked.  After 45 days, I cancelled the order, as PayPal would not back up any problems later than that.  They had lots of promises, was supposed to be the end of October, and now it looks like it will be mid-December for those who held out.  Needless to say, I will not be ordering from them again.