Gradient on Gradient 

The Fiber Optic group on Ravelry is having a gradient spin-along.  I ordered this when Kimber showed it in October, the color is Raspberry to Cream:

The color is so beautiful that I ordered 4 braids.  After my first attempt at fractal spinning, I thought that technique would work well with a gradient as long as the colors were relatively close to one another.  I split the braid length-wise and spun the first bobbin as a straight gradient.  The second 1/2 of the braid was split lengthwise as finely as I could manage.  I actually ended up making little sections of fine roving throughout the length so that they did not fall apart.  Then I started with a raspberry end and spun to the cream.  Next I picked up a cream end and spun to the raspberry.  And on, and on.  In this photo you can see how much longer the repeats are on the first bobbin:

Typical me, when I was plying I was not sure if my experiment had worked.  Then when I wound it onto my kniddy-knoddy I was intrigued.


And all skeined up.  It has since been washed, thwacked, and is now drying.

I think that the effect would have been more dramatic with 2 braids, one spun as a full gradient, the other fractally spun.

Now, what to make that will show off my subtle spinning experiment?  A cowl has been suggested.  I am not a fan of the “shawlette” (actually most things -ette, if you are going to do something, go full hog).  Perhaps a scarf.   I am looking forward to knitting with this pink on pink yarn.