Blue-Green Rhapsody 

In my ever-increasing spinning frenzy,  I have started another gradient from Fiber Optic, these both came while I was gone for Thanksgiving, and I was itching to get them spun up.  I have 2 braids of each if this turns out well.  This gradient is Indigo to Emerald (80% merino, 20% silk),

And this is Under the Sea Dyebreak (85% BFL, 15% silk)

I thought that they would look gorgeous plyed together.  Side by side:

After only 6 days I spun the first braid of each.  This is the bobbins right off the wheel:

And rewound you can see how the multicolored single will work with the 2 extremes of the gradient.  It will brighten the dark indigo, and tame down the emerald green (not the best color for me).

If this turns out well, it will become a mega shawl which I would like to start soon…