Another SAL 

These SAL’s (spin-alongs, similar to a knit-along), are consuming much of my time.   I am participating in the December-January one with the  Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinners group on Ravelry.  This month the fibers were dyed up by JulieSpins.  What a contrast to the response and customer service from the first one that I tried with this group (finally cancelled after 45 days of waiting and no updates).  I ordered the fiber early on Sunday morning (after a BDay party with friends), had my shipping notice by Monday, and the fiber on Thursday!  Fabulous customer service.  While I was hoping for some fibers with more color variations in them, this is stunning.  The fiber content is 60% Alpaca, 20% Merino and 20% silk.

This is a gradient, but with a lot more variation than those that I have tried from Fiber Optic.  It was a bit of a learning curve to get my groove with the Alpaca/Silk in the fiber.  Thank goodness for the bit of Merino to help hold it together.  The silk and alpaca really require a lot of twist.  I have finished spinning up 1/2 of the first braid, and I am sure that my beginning is nowhere near as good as the end of the bobbin.  The fiber is so luxurious and silky, and has a halo to it.  I think that I have the perfect shawl in mind to knit up with this when finished.

I think that I might have another favorite dyer…