Almost, but not Quite 

I had originally decided that this Christmas was to be hand-knitted gift-free.  No undue stress on me to finish a project just to have it under the tree.  My family would be the recipients of my knitting anyways, Holiday or not.  Then I started putting together the gifts, and as usual my husband’s list was extremely short.  So, I pulled out this sweater, the knitting had been finished for at least a year, maybe two.  Just goes to show how much I hate the sewing up process.  So, while he was picking Ethan up from school, and Sofia was here helping bake, I seamed the sweater together:

Then all I had to do was the collar, which as usual took longer than planned.  This is the Chess sweater, a kit by Hanne Falkenberg, and a ton of knitting with size 2 needles.  This is as far as I got, it was put in a box with the needles still attached.  Hopefully this will get finished today.

Since his stocking was also on the light side, I decided that I needed to put in a pair of socks.  I had been working on these from the CookieA sock club, the pattern is Hex Socks.  The first one I started 4 times, Medium, then Large, then Small, then back to Medium.  The yarn is from Fleece Artist and it is Sea Wool (70% Merino, and 30% Seacell), a bit thicker knitted up than I usually like for my socks.

I was wondering what exactly Seacell was, so I looked it up, and here is the description of the fiber actually made with seaweed:

The idea behind SeaCell® is really rather simple: a cellulose-based fiber is manufactured using the so-called Lyocell process. This Lyocell fiber then serves as the “functioning substrate” for the seaweed.  Seaweed is added as the active substance for a very good reason. The fact that this marine plant is rich in trace elements has been well known since the times of Chinese medicine, and seaweed has also been proved to protect the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties. It is seaweed which forms the basis of the SeaCell® fiber.

So, I put one sock in the stocking, and kept working on the second.  Then, I burned my hand twice in the oven while cooking yesterday, so I had to soak my fingers on ice, knit a partial round on the sock, soak my fingers, knit a bit, etc.  Not the most productive.  Today I am better, and hope to get these done.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  We did!