Keeping Warm Indoors

My daughter has very cold hands in the winter, and her office is definitely not over-heated.  When she told me that she had to type a bit, then sit on her hands to warm them up, then type, I knew she needed some fingerless gloves for working.  Last year I made my husband a pair, and he now brings them back and forth from work (need to get a second pair for him also).  Even though I had been promising her flap mittens, I thought that these were in order first.

A simple pattern.  Since I am a numbers person, all multiples of 4.  Adjust lengths as needed…


  • Use a fingering weight yarn of your choice
  • Size 1 needles
  • Cast-on 48 sts, join in a round
  • K2, P2 for 24 rows
  • K 12 rows St st.
  • Increase for thumb gusset as follows:
    • K 23, PM, inc 1 st (by lifting up bar below)
    • K2, inc 1 st, PM
    • K23
    • Knit next round plain (26 sts, 4 for thumb)
    • Increase row by doing one increase inside each marker
    • Knit 1 row plain
    • When there are 22 sts for thumb, place thumb sts on holder after st st row
  • Knit hand portion, CO 2 sts at thumb area (48 sts total).
  • K24 rows st st
  • *For top of mitt, Purl 1 row, K 1 row (to obtain garter st pattern) for 8 rows, last knit row is the bind-off row*
  • Put 22 sts from thumb on needle, CO 2 sts at opening and K 4 rows
  • Repeat * to* as for top of mitt.