New Books

I received these 3 books for Christmas from my husband, and have not yet commented on them.

The first, The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, has been one that I have been drooling over since first seeing it at a Wool Festival last summer.  I have 2 other books that focus on sheep and wool types, but this is the mother of all fiber related source books.  It not only has Sheep, but Goats, Camels, Musk Ox, Rabbits, Horses and Dogs and Cats too.  If this book had been out first, it would definitely be the only fiber source book that I would own.  I am off to read about Yak soon, as it is in a blended fiber that I am interested in ordering soon.  No superfluous patterns or fill-ins here, just 400+ pages of fiber info.  This book will be close at hand when spinning.

The other books that my husband gave me are both reference books for color knitting.  Alice Starmore’s Charts for Color Knitting.

And, 200 Fair Isle Motifs by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Both of these books contain hundreds of charts for fair isle motifs.  Again, no patterns, just reference.  The Muckelstone book has the motifs knitted up in swatches on each page and computer generated colorings of the charts.  The patterns tend to be smaller and repeatable.  The Starmore book is basically charted designs in B&W, has a couple of knitted inspirations, and general instructions on how to apply the charts to your own sweater.  This book also has some larger one-off designs that would be great for not only sweaters, but mittens and smaller objects.   Both books would be good as design elements to put tracing paper on top of and design away with PrismaColors at hand (my absolute favorite colored pencils of all time).  This is my dream set…