Travel Knitting 

Last weekend we took my son back to school in Wisconsin, and gave ourselves a night away in Mineral Point.  I love that town, currently an artist community, and formerly a mining town.  We stayed in one of the 1840 Cornish Miner’s cabins that is now part of a B&B.   I loved the cozy space, and we took a dinner with us to cook there and spent the evening in front of the (fake) fireplace knitting, reading, playing scrabble and enjoying a good glass of wine.

And the main reason for our little retreat was so that Dan could go to a remote Wisconsin town that had an amazing selection of electric guitars.  He is so excited to have this new toy.  Might make that spinning wheel that I covet easier to get.  It is fun to see him so excited, and to have the time now (just finished his Master’s) to enjoy his hobby.  I do understand the importance of a hobby, and having the best tools at hand.

Along the ride, I worked on my mittens with handspun.  This was the second time starting.  I am not sure if I will keep them or rip them out again.  They are a bit large, I think that I overdid it on the cuff length.  I have had so many mittens that are too small.  I need to think about this a bit.  A lot of work in here….