Mystery Scarf 

I am part of 2 sock clubs again this year, Janel Laidman and CookieA.  I still do have some colorwork socks to make from last year’s club, but I did not want to miss out on this year.  I am glad that I chose not to.  The first big improvement in the collaborated clubs (in addition to a discount for signing up for both) was that instead of receiving both clubs at the same time, they are on alternate months.  That means a new package every month, and always something to work on without feeling overwhelmed.  Last year, since I was in both clubs, the yarn  came later than the CookieA patterns.  I usually got antsy, and started one of the 2 sock patterns from Cookie with some stash yarn.  I am afraid that many of my Janel socks are still waiting to be knit up.  This year will be 2 sock patterns and 1 skein of yarn from CookieA in each shipment (along with 2 cookie recipes), and a sock and shawl pattern with 1 skein of yarn from Janel (one of which will always be a mystery knit-along).  With both clubs, the yarn will be from a different Indy dyer each month so if there is something I do not like, I am not committed to it for the entire year.  Admittedly, there was only one yarn base last year that I really had trouble knitting, and I get to try a great variety.

This was the January shipment from Janel, beautiful merino-cashmere yarn from Hazel Knits (which I used last year on these socks that my husband took, and loves), stitch markers, and a cute project bag:

I am finally breaking down and using my handspun yarn.  This is the Raspberry to Cream gradient from Fiber Optic that I spun up in December.  Refer to this post for a description of how I spun it up.  I love how it wound up into a ball with gradient upon gradient.  The pattern is a mystery pattern as part of the 2012 Janel Laidman sock club.  I only have clue one, shown completed here, so obviously do not know how it will knit up, but so far I am really pleased with the progression.

While I am not sure of what this shawl will end up looking like, I think that it is designed much like Arcadia by Janel for her Art & Sole club last year.  So, if my theory is correct, we are at the center and will work back in decreases, then pick up along the long edge for a design.  Not sure how the gradient will work on this, but it will be interesting, and since it will be wrapped around a neck, the color should add interest.