Clue #2 Mystery shawl

I finished the second clue in the mystery shawl project.  The 3rd clue comes out on Wednesday.   I had to rip sections back a few times, as I would miss an increase or decrease, or not have the correct number of loops.  Luckily for the second clue I had ordered these row counters from, they proved to be the perfect thing for keeping track of my place in this pattern.  It looks simple, but there are several different sections with short rows and increasing and decreasing.  When I decided to order these row keepers, I got a medium (up to size 8 needles) and a small, and the smart lady who makes them sends along a handy little box to keep them in with her website on it.  Good marketing.

 In the progress photo you can see blue ribbons tied to the side, that indicates the end of a particular section.  Each row starts with a YO, and the correct number is important I am assuming for the next clue, as the number of rows and YO’s was stipulated at the end of each section.  It also helped me if I needed to rip back to the beginning of a section and restart it.  Most sections had several repeats, so I used stitch markers that I moved to keep track of those, and the row counter to keep track of the rows within a repeat.  Confusing?  It was for me at times, but with these tools I finally got a system down and my rhythm.
On a non-knitting note, here is my name in Chinese (supposedly), from a Chinese New Years party last night.  I was the most characters of anyone.  Very pretty.