Well, I am still working on my Boreal socks, and decided on the second one to try out a short row heel that everyone is talking about in the KAL forum.  I was so intent on trying the new heel technique that I did not think, and knit it to the top of the foot!  Won’t fit my foot, nor anyone else’s I imagine!

I think that it is a better solution than a simple wrap and knit together short row.  I definitely have to take out this heel, I will compare it to the mate, and see if it is worth taking out that sock to the heel also.  From this photo they look similar, but I think that my mistake heel does not have holes like the other that you see when it is put on…

On another note, I was watching a recent Colbert Report, and he had the singer Bjork on.  I really want to spin her hair!

Not sure about the bubble outfit.