The Perfect Pairing 

I decided a couple of weeks ago to use a skein of pink gradient that I had spun last fall (see post on how I spun this fiber here) to make a mystery shawl, not really knowing if it would work or not.   The pattern called for 400 yards, I thought that I had 484 yards.

It worked!  And I think that the two were a perfect paring.  Really just dumb luck, but the color changes seem to have been planned for this knit.  I had wanted originally to start from the other end of the skein, but could not find the right end when I was winding it up.

I don’t know if my count was off, or if the pattern really needed more than 400 yards.  I had only 2 yards of yarn left when I finished casting off.  I had been hoping to not use the end of the skein, as my least favorite part was where the darkest pink and white or pale pink combined.  However, the knitting gods knew better, and I think the edge of the lace pattern looks good going back to the dark color.

I have 3 more braids of this gradient.  I love the colors, and plan on making spinning the rest as a regular gradient for a larger shawl.

Project Specs

Pattern: Knitterati 1
Pattern Source: Knitterati Sock Club
Yarn: Handspun gradient, fiber from Fiber Optic
Needles: US 5
Date Started: 1/19/12
Date Finished: 1/2/12
Finished Dimensions: Long, thin scarf