The Principles of Knitting

I really do not need another knitting reference book.  That doesn’t mean that I will not purchase one, especially when I was in my local independent bookstore, and the owner (also a knitter), pulled out this book and asked if I had seen the reprint.  Seen the reprint, no, I was not even aware of the original.  Apparently this has been an out-of-print reference book (original publication date 1988) that was gaining legendary status and equally large prices on eBay.  By the time that I was really buying knitting books, this was already out of print.  This is not just another reprint by the publishing company with one or two new photos, it is a complete re-write by the original author, June Hemmons Hiatt.   The original data for a reprint was lost, and she was not interested in scanning the book for a facsimile edition.  Instead, she spent 10 years typing the text back into her computer, and in the process rewriting chapters, and adding information.  The book is approximately 100 pages longer than the original (now at 650 pages not including the reference section).  The book is broken down into 8 sections, containing 33 chapters.

  • Learning and Methods
  • Constructing a Fabric
  • Decorative Techniques
  • Special Fabrics
  • Stitch and Color Patterns
  • Pattern Design
  • Materials
  • Working a Project

The graphics are mostly simple 2-color drawings, with a few photos.  Definitely not a browsing book, this is truly a reference book.  One that will take me quite some time to delve into.

If you want a preview of the book, this link will show some sample pages that you can read.