Back in the works

Remember this shawl that I was knitting up?  Seems I started it in early December, then I got preoccupied with Christmas stuff and other spinning.

I spun the yarn by combining these 2 fibers, a gradient and a dye break from Fiber Optic

I knit through the first skein using 2 of the 4 braids.  When I was plying the first skein, I had more of the gradient than the dye break, and had extra green left.  This time I started plying first with the left-over green, then the green from the new braid.  My thought is to have the green knit out and then start heading back to the blue color.  That way I can make the shawl as large as I would like.  The first go-around, I was able to get 830 yards, this time I got 900+, so it might be a tad finer, but not too much, and that is okay, as it is towards the outer part of the shawl anyways.   I feel like this took FOREVER to spin, not exactly sure why.  I have some singles of the blue from the gradient, which I think that I will practice Navajo plying with and keep for mittens.

I am anxious to continue knitting on this, I have not taken a new photo of the shawl in  awhile, will post progress photos later next week.

Tomorrow I am taking an all-day class on Haapsula shawls with Nancy Bush, and a 1/2 day class on Sunday on Nordic Knits.  These are some of the wonderful classes offered through my guild, The Windy City Knitting Guild.  It is the first time that I am able to take a class with them.  Last year I had signed up for a few classes with CookieA, but it was cancelled.  Cookie is coming back this April, and I decided to splurge on the entire weekend of classes for that also.  The only problem being that they are not close by, so it is a bit of a drive for me.