Honeysuckle Rose 

I spun this pencil roving last week, in record time for me (only about 3 days), it was such a joy to spin and very quick.  This is a view of a partial of the 4 oz roving from Fiber Optic.  It is Footnotes Unspun Pencil Roving, color Honelysuckle Rose.

I loved how the pencil roving split evenly into 2 balls, and needed very little pre-drafting.  It felt like it was practically spinning itself.  Here are the progress photos:

And, the finished skein.  400 yards of 2-ply, 80% Superwash Merino & 20% Nylon.  Just about the squishiest skein of yarn that I have spun.  Destined to become a pair for socks for ME!  Sorry about the fuzzy photo.  Time for  a new camera I think.

Returned a little while ago from 1 1/2 days of classes with Nancy Bush.  Photos and details tomorrow!