I got mail! 

A couple of weeks ago I was scheduled to receive 2 bundles of Merino/Yak/Silk blend from Fiber Optic.  They went missing in spite of the tracking slip that showed them out for delivery.  After many calls with no response and finally an email to USPS, my package came last week.  I have been working on spinning this, and it is causing me great angst.  The fiber does not draft out long, and it keeps breaking in clumps.  I was trying to spin a fine single, and have resorted to a slower whorl and a thicker yarn.  In reading about the Yak, the down is very short staple length, I think that perhaps I should be spinning from the fold.

This is a photo of a Tibetan Yak, love the saddle:

The yak (Bos grunniens) is a long-haired humped domestic bovine found in Tibet and throughout the Himalayan region of south central Asia. The word yak refers to the male of the species; a female is a dri or nak.Wild yaks stand about two meters tall at the shoulder. Domestic yaks are about half that height. Both types have long shaggy hair to insulate them from the cold. Wild yaks can be either brown or black. Domesticated ones can also be white.

Domesticated yaks are kept primarily for their milk and meat. They are also used as beasts of burden, transporting goods across mountain passes for local farmers and traders as well as in support of climbing and trekking expeditions. Often the pack animals are actually crossbreeds of the yak and Bos taurus (common domestic cattle). These are known in Tibetan as dzo or dzopkyo.

The wild yak is an endangered species.

It is going a tad bit better, but I do not think that Yak is for me.  I am thinking of knitting this up with some camel that I need to spin.  Those should make some warm mittens.  The fiber was expensive, as much for 2 oz bundles as a normal 4oz, so probably just as well that I don’t enjoy spinning it!  The color though, as always is gorgeous.

I received my latest 2 packages in record time and safely.  The first is the first installment for 2012 of the CookieA sock club.  It is a beautiful fiery red by Alisha Goes Around called Richness (of Martens) Fingering, which is 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere and 10% silk.  Obviously very soft.  Along with the yarn, and two e-patterns, (and of course 2 cookie recipes), came another CookieA project bag with a new logo for the 2012 year.  Not sure yet which of the 2 patterns I will knit with this yarn.  I will wait and see what speed knitters on Ravelry post to decide.

The other package that arrived a little later on the same day (too big to fit in the mailman’s bag), was my recent order from the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinning SAL.  This is fiber from Into The Whirled.  I chose the color Gwydir in English Shetland, 2 bags:

And 2 bags of the Delectably Delicate color in a Polwarth/Silk blend, along with a matching solid in pink and blue.

Along with the fiber came these tags for use to label the finished yarn.  Smart marketing, I normally make my own.

I have wonderful comments on Nancy Bush workshops that I attended over the weekend, but want to wait until my samples are finished up to blog about it.  I will say that I knit so much that weekend, my elbows ached.  My masseuse said that it was my triceps that were strained.  It did feel like I had worked out at the gym.  And who says that knitting is not a form of exercise!