Shawl knitting time 

I finally finished knitting my gradient shawl.  I got a lot of work done on a trip to Los Angeles last week, and finished yesterday while watching my husband play in his community Jazz band.   It is soaking now, I will lay it out to dry and hopefully get some good photos tomorrow.  When it was done my husband said that the yarn changed color a lot from blue to green, I replied that it was supposed to, as it was a gradient.

When we were in LA we went to the Huntington Library, which in addition to a library of 6,000,000 books and a fantastic American Art collection, has a beautiful botanical garden area.  The desert garden was our favorite, probably because it is so foreign to our climate here, and it was beautifully in bloom.





We stayed in Pasadena, mainly to be near the Gamble House, Greene & Greene‘s masterpiece among many other “super-bungalows”.  Also there was Bungalow Heaven, several blocks of beautiful working-class bungalows.  You know I always love a bungalow.


And, we spent one day driving along the coast and up to Santa Barbara.  It was so nice to be in the warm weather, but I could never live with the traffic of LA.  Even at off hours it was crazy.  Luckily my husband drove and I knit.