Saying Goodbye 

I spent last week saying goodbye to Judy, my dear friend of 33 years.  She fought hard against ALS, but ultimately lost the battle.  I will miss her so very much, she knew me better than anyone in this world, and we shared a history of college, babies at the same time, and watching our families grow.  Judy was the person that I could always count on, no matter what the issue – letting me move in after college to find a job in Chicago, sharing our first pregnancies together, sickness with a child, a prom date for my daughter with her son, helping me clean for 2 days for a high school graduation party, sharing a love of chocolate, wine, flowers, and all of the beautiful things in life.  And, most importantly to laugh at ourselves and the humor in the world, Judy had the best laugh and it was infectious.

Great friends are hard to come by, and even harder to let go.