Finished and loved 

I finished this gradient shawl over 2 weeks ago, and unpinned it when I was madly packing to go back to Michigan.  I have worn it quite a bit since then, and garnered lots of compliments.  As always, I have a hard time photographing by myself, so the beauty of the shawl is lost a bit.  But, here she is, all with my own handspun concoction, so truly a one-of-a-kind.

Here is a bit of the history.  First the hand dyed rovings, a blue to green gradient, plyed with “Under the Sea” dyebreak:

Then the spun yarn:

And caked up!



And finally finished!

Notice the Magnolia tree almost ready to bloom, in mid-March!  Crazy weather, I hope it doesn’t get cold and freeze the blossoms.

As always, I need a model, but I love it!

Project Specs

Pattern: Adele Faroese Shawl
Pattern Source: Faroese Shawls by Myrna Stahman
Yarn: Handspun, fiber from Fiber Optic, 2 ply (Blue-Green Gradient with Under the Sea Dyebreak)
Needles: US 4
Date Started: 12/10/11 (started with the knitting)
Date Finished: 3/1/12
Finished Dimensions: 72″ wingspan