Not a fan of Yak

I FINALLY finished spinning and plying the Yak that I had purchased from Fiber Optic Studios.  I must say that I felt like a beginning spinner again.  I had tremendous difficulty with this fiber, the staple length was so short, and I was constantly breaking my feeder line and having to reconnect.  I wasted a lot of this precious fiber (twice the price of a regular braid).  I know now that I am a slow learner sometimes, after all of the spinning classes that I have taken, the light bulb finally came on and I realized that I needed to handcard lengths of the fiber and make rolags.  This Worked!  I no longer had short sections of fiber length, it was all mixed up and pulled its neighbors out nicely.  Once I started spinning this way, the rest went smoothly.

The color is stunning with great depth, and it is very soft.  This fiber is destined to knit up into Fair Isle mittens along with some camel that I have yet to spin.

265 yards 2 ply, 40z.