Quid pro Quo

My new spinning wheel arrived late Friday afternoon.


I was so excited that I had to put it together that night, all by myself.  The directions were good, but not for someone who has no understanding of the basics of a spinning wheel design.

A beautiful cherry wheel with a natural tung oil finish, which will fit nicely into my house…

Legs into the main frame of the wheel…

tying the foot pedals to the wheel

And attaching the mother board, but not backwards!  Thanks for photos on the internet:

then the finishing touches…

And threading the string for a double-drive, even though I have never owned a double-drive wheel (the pedal spins both the wheel and the bobbin at the same time)

She is a beauty, and I will have to slowly learn how to maneuver her.  It is a bit like giving a 10-year-old who knows the rudiments of driving a Ferrari to take out for a spin.  I will get the hang of it, but time is needed.  Love the shadows on the wall in her resting place.

A Jensen original!  The exact wheel that I test drove at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival last September.