Double Spinning

I have been using both wheels and going back and forth.  On the Joy I am spinning the batt from Loop, and using my normal spinning technique.  This is a  variegated batt that pulls out of the center, no drafting needed.  I wonder how she makes these up, it is a joy to spin.  I have decided in my mind that this spin will remain a single, as I do not want to purchase another batt, and nothing would show off the gradation as well if it were plyed with another fiber.  So, if all goes well and I am able to set the twist properly when done spinning, I will have a lace weight yarn with sparkles.  I do wish that I could get the hang of N-plying though.

I love watching the colors evolve.

And on my new Jensen wheel I am trying to learn to draft with my right hand and control the twist with my left.  My first attempt was with this technique (I have been doing the reverse up till now, but would not be able to do a proper long draw with this wheel unless I switch), was not so great – fiber that I had downstairs, but I like the thick/thin yarn, will make a good hat.

Then it occurred to me that the best fiber to learn to spin with would be some pencil roving from Fiber Optic.  So, I pulled out this and started my new spinning technique, the color is Blackberry Jamble.  There was a bit of breakage and run-away fiber at the beginning, but about 1/2 way through the first bobbin of this, I seem to have gotten the hang of it. I also wound the pencil roving into center pull balls which really helped with the drafting of the fiber:

Two wheels of beautiful color, side by side.