She thinks this is stash?

A design blog that I follow recently had this article about knitting stash.  It was comical to me that she thought a couple of bags were stash to be reckoned with (I won’t even discuss how lame the knitting cupboard was for this blog to post).  On the other hand, I remember the days when I knit basically project to project and had very little stash, something that I always wanted to keep under control.  What happened?

  • I became a sock knitter (we all know you need a vast array of possibilities for any project that comes to mind)
  • I joined sock clubs
  • I discovered knitting conventions and fiber fairs
  • For awhile I got sucked into the store close-out sales
  • Nobody carried my precious Dale of Norway Baby Ull any longer so I needed reserves on hand to make those beautiful Fair Isles
  • I started spinning
  • My kids moved out so space was not at a premium
  • Ravelry

I am still in the process of making up my knitting room.  I thought it was close, and a new section is being designed.  I hope to have it finished this summer and then I can show photos.  But until then, here is a photo from last year of my Baby Ull all organized.  Right now it is patiently waiting in a bin for a new home.

I have been really good about not purchasing new yarn (sock clubs excluded), but the spinning fiber is a whole new story.  I am hoping when everything is together and organized, I will not only be creatively inspired, but will be inspired to keep it under control.  Stay tuned for the big unveiling this summer.